CFMOTO 450MT ABS 2024, a new entry in the adventure touring category

CFMOTO 450MT ABS 2024, a new entry in the adventure touring category


CFMOTO 450MT adventure bike is built extra tough to take its rider beyond the road ends. The 450cc model brings multi-terrain ability and versatility to CFMOTO's adventure touring category. Even lighter in weight, with resposive power and torque from its acclaimed engine, smartly-equipped for dirt, the 450MT is perfetly made for the adventurous rider.


Mid-Size Parallel-Twin Engine 

The revised camshaft and intake/exhaust system, coupled with a strategic change in ignition angle, result in enhanced low-down torque. This translates to quick initial response and peak torque at 6250rpm. Plus, the torque output remains consistent within the speed range of 5500rpm to 7200rpm, providing a smooth ride through various terrains.



450MT is developed for light handling and comfort on long rides. Engineers developed the trellis-style frame using the same material as the bigger adventure touring bikes to better meet with off-road capabilities of the 450MT. This frame design ensures stability but still being small in weight.


KYB Suspensions 

Front Ø41mm fork, adjustable compression and damping, 200mm stroke

Rear multi-link shock, adjustable preload, compression and rebound, 200mm stroke



CFMOTO 450MT rides on cross-spoke tubeless wheels, featuring a dirt-friendly 21-inch front and 18-inch rear setup, ideal for tackling the multitude of terrains.


BOSCH Dual-Channel Switchable ABS 

Riders can enhance their off-road riding experience by disabling the ABS on the rear wheel using a dedicated handlebar switch button. When riders can lock up the back wheel and negotiate the bike’s rear into corners, dirt trails become a lot more fun.


BOSCH Traction Control System 

TCS reduces engine output in mere milliseconds, by reducing engine output with a smooth, barely noticeable intervention at the throttle valves until slippage is reduced to optimum level.


Seat Height

820mm Standard

800mm in low setting

870/850mm with accessory tall seat


CFMOTO Ride App Connectivity 


The CFMOTO 450MT is a reliable adventure partner for riders looking for an entry-level model that won't let them down.

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